Welcome to my Domain

Hello there! By some stroke of the fates, it seems you’ve stumbled onto my new website. First off, thank you for stopping by and checking it out! I’ve blogged in the past, but never exclusively about writing. I’m pretty psyched to finally have a space for that. Really, it’s pretty crazy that I never have until now.

And why now? If you’ve come here from Twitter or Instagram, the chances are good you know that I recently hit the milestone in my writing career of signing with a literary agent. That, combined with a few other exciting developments like selling my first short story (forthcoming later this year), made it pretty clear that I could no longer avoid starting a website for my writing.

I say “avoid,” because I have most certainly been one of those writers who refrained from starting a website because I wasn’t quite “there yet.” I hadn’t sold a story, didn’t have books on shelves. Even when my freelance work was getting almost 100,000 views in a month, I still found excuses. Why would anyone care enough to go to a website dedicated to my writing? I didn’t have the street cred!

Obviously, there’s plenty to be said about imposter syndrome. Enough to write whole posts–which I will most certainly be doing here at some point in the future. Because this blog, this space…this is for sharing deep thoughts and musings with you. Thoughts about writing and the publishing industry. About books and shows and movies I’ve loved, events I’m taking part in, and the process of nurturing a story from the seed of an idea to a completed work cultivated by blood, sweat, and tears.

In short, this is a space for me to just nerd out. And hopefully, for you to have fun and nerd out with me. Because creating stories is freaking cool. I love talking about them, and if you’re here, I’d wager you do too. I’m looking forward to discussing them with you, and sharing all the exciting moments that lie ahead in my journey as an author.

As Deckard Cain would say…I hope you’ll stay a while and listen.

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