Winter Is Coming

When I’m not writing my own fantasy and science fiction stories, it’s my job to write about other people’s fantasy and science fiction stories. I’m the associate editor for Winter Is Coming, one of the largest fantasy and science fiction fansites on the Internet. WiC got its start as a Game of Thrones site, but these days it covers all sorts of sci-fi and fantasy topics, from television to movies, books, comics, video games, and more. I’m also the co-host the Take the Black podcast, where I discuss current SFF news, media, and pop culture with my fellow Winter Is Coming editor Dan Selcke.

I began my journey at as a freelance contributor in May 2019. Game of Thrones had just ended, and I somehow knew that I’d regret it if I didn’t sit down and write out some thoughts about it. I’d been a fan of the series since 2005, when my sister lent me a set of battered paperbacks so I’d understand what our World of Warcraft guildmates were talking about when they referenced some guy named Jon Snow, or Daenerys Targaryen. That series is the one that moved me as a reader to emulation, as they say, solidifying the lifelong love of fantasy that led me to become a writer.

After writing it, I submitted it to my favorite Game of Thrones site, Winter Is Coming. The rest is history.

These days, I’m writing and working on WiC more than ever as a contributing editor, and loving every second of it. I’ve penned hundreds of articles; too many and too often to reasonably keep a full archive on this site. You can find a catalog of most of my articles at I post new stories there most every day.

If you have inquiries about Winter Is Coming, please email instead of using the contact form.

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