Daniel Roman writes from the seclusion of the Adirondacks in upstate New York, where he lives with his wife, cat, and a corgi/collie mix puppy who reminds him that the occasional break to walk outside is still a necessity.

Daniel primarily writes fantasy and science fiction, with a special soft spot for doorstopping tome epic fantasy books. His first published piece of short fiction, an Aztec-inspired urban fantasy titled “The Teotl of Gaming,” is available in THE MODERN DEITY’S GUIDE TO SURVIVING HUMANITY anthology from Zombies Need Brains. He has another piece of short fiction forthcoming in July 2023, and is currently hard at work on several other writing projects including a full-length epic fantasy novel titled THE FOREST HEART.

When not writing his own stories, Daniel’s day job is to write about other people’s stories. He is the Associate Editor of Winter Is Coming, a large fansite that got its start covering Game of Thrones, but has since grown into a hub for all things fantasy and science fiction. He also co-hosts the Take the Black podcast, where he routinely nerds out about such topics with his fellow WiC editor Dan Selcke. Daniel began working for the site as a freelance contributor in 2019, and has written more than a thousand articles about the fantasy and science fiction media landscape. In late 2021 he joined WiC as a full time editor, and has been balancing his time between working on the site and writing his own fiction ever since.

In addition to writing, Daniel is also an accomplished acoustic rock musician, avid gamer, and lover of travel. Nature, and the reverence for it which is a part of his daily life, often informs his work.

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