NaNoWriMo 2022 Update

Happy National Novel Writing Month! Whether you’re a writer participating, you’ve heard about NaNoWriMo because of friends taking part, or you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, I wish you a month filled with stories. For hundreds of thousands of authors, November is a time to attempt the Herculean task of writingContinue reading “NaNoWriMo 2022 Update”

Tales from a Year on Submission

We’re well into the summer, which means I’ve officially passed my one year anniversary of being on submission. Since a year feels kind of like it should be a milestone marker, I figured I’d pop onto the blog and share some thoughts about what I’ve learned from this last year and change on sub. It’sContinue reading “Tales from a Year on Submission”

A Look Forward, A Look Back

And just like that, we’ve already cruised through the first week of 2022. It’s amazing how time flies. I hope that you had an excellent holiday season, and an even better start to your New Year. I’ve been busy settling into my new job as the associate editor of Winter Is Coming. Half of thatContinue reading “A Look Forward, A Look Back”

August Update

Hard to believe, but the summer is already waning. (Or, as the Starks say, winter is coming.) It’s been a long last year-and-a-half, but for some reason this summer has flown by…in some ways. In others, it feels like an entire lifetime has been lived in but three months. I have a few blog postContinue reading “August Update”

Joshua Palmatier talks Short Story Anthologies, Writing, and Zombies Need Brains

Tomorrow marks the release of THE MODERN DEITY’S GUIDE TO SURVIVING HUMANITY, along with its two sister anthologies, DERELICT and WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE. To mark the occasion, I sat down with Joshua Palmatier, founder and editor of Zombies Need Brains, to talk about the short story anthology format, writing craft, and what goes into buildingContinue reading “Joshua Palmatier talks Short Story Anthologies, Writing, and Zombies Need Brains”